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  • Slow Internet When Joining a Class??

    Slow Internet When Joining a Class??

    Slow Internet Speeds When Joining Our Classes? A number of our members have reported to us that when they join our classes that they are suffering with slow internet speeds. It would be very easy to think that there might be a problem at our end but it is just as possible that everyone is experiencing slow internet speeds due to the extremely high demand due to the lock-down. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a few comments from members about internet speeds so I thought I would investigate the issue and see if there are any solutions. My research threw up the usual adverts and speed test programmes that led to buying something, and then I noticed a number of articles about ISP's ....

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  • Combating Zoom Fatigue

    Combating Zoom Fatigue

    Combating Zoom Fatigue
    I think it is pretty unfair to label the fatigue endured by almost everyone who has been forced to use the various video conferencing products during the COVID 19 lockdown, but as Zoom seems to have gained the most ground as a recognised product I suppose it is inevitable. Certainly at Tring Martial Arts we are using Zoom for all of our live class broadcasts alongside Facebook Live which can be watched live or on repeat. Over the past 6 weeks a new trend is emerging where people are reporting fatigue due to being perpertually on some kind of video conference both during the day and then in the evenings for our classes and others. So I thought I would do some research ....

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  • Rewarding Hard Work and Dedication at Tring Martial Arts Academy

    Rewarding Hard Work & Dedication of our Members
    Rewarding Hardwork & Dedication during the COVID19 lockdown from Tring Martial Arts Academy on Vimeo . Recently Team TMA hand delivered belts to each and every student who have been training and testing online. After 10 weeks of only seeing our beloved students online, it was great to see each of them in person. Team TMA maintained Social Distance Guidelines throughout and sanitized our hands between each drop. We went through alot of sanitizer across 4 days of delivery. In the end we delivered over 150 belts across 4 days and the video above includes some of these amazing students. ....

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  • Tring Martial Arts Academy - Attending Virtual Classes FAQ - Updated May 2020

    Tring Martial Arts Academy - Attending Virtual Classes FAQ - Updated May 2020

    Updated FAQ's May 2020

    How do I access Virtual Classes and Online Content?
    Facebook Groups
    There are two methods for accessing our classes and online content. The first port of call would be to visit the Groups Section of our Facebook Page at apply to the group that you normally train in, answer the questions and your application will be validated within 24 hours. We operate Facebook Groups for 4-6, 6-10, 10-12, Teens & Adults FMA, Krav Maga and UltraFit. From the Facebook Groups you will receive weekly and daily invitations to join classes either through a Zoom Webinar or through Facebook Live. If you join a class via ....

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  • Shihan's Self Belief Mindsets - Think Big!!

    Shihan's Self Belief Mindsets - Think Big!!

    Shihan's Self Belief Mindsets
    Shihan - is a Japanese term that is used in many Japanese martial arts as an honorific title for expert or senior instructors. It can be translated as "master instructor".

    Mindset - the established set of attitudes held by someone.

    Self Belief - to have confidence in ones own abilities and judgement.

    Think Big & Don't Listen To Those Who Say It Can't Be Done - Life Is Too Short To Think Small
    In 2011, along with Sensei Paula we went to take a look around the old Tring Brewery on the Akeman Business Park. (At the time of writing this is being converted into yet more housing). I remember after we left the premises I bumped into the owner of the garage next ....

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